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The Coreware Solution provides a stable and comprehensive eCommerce platform for Firearm Dealers which will help propel sales and grant dealers a high-quality branding identity.

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The Coreware Solution provides a stable platform that can handle traffic spikes and can be customized to fit specific needs. No two customers are alike and running a templated solution that can’t be customized to fit specific needs will end up hindering a dealer’s growth and potential.

More than eCommerce

Coreware has been used in various industries including the Shooting Sports industry. It is a robust platform which has been in development for over a decade that will provide much more than just eCommerce functionality.

A Cut Above the Rest

Coreware can fill the void that dealers face when signing up to off the shelf solutions and provides the best of all worlds: A professional company with many decades of experience along with the personal touch that you require in order to grow your business.

24/7 Help and Support

Coreware is dedicated to bringing a high end solution for those who need the most out of their website with support unparalleled to anything else. We at Coreware believe in providing only the best for our clients.

Be a Part of the Core100 Program

Coreware 100

We are excited to announce our Core100 program to dealers who are looking for a true e-commerce solution that has the capacity for handling multiple feeds seamlessly. Coreware is dedicated to serving the serious dealer and providing the utmost in service and delivery!

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A Comprehensive eCommerce Platform for Firearms Dealers



At the heart of Coreware lies a very powerful eCommerce solution that can be used to build a complete online store featuring both physical and digital products.

Multi-location inventory management

Multi-location Inventory Management

Coreware's inventory management system allows you to track and manage inventory in multiple locations.

Real-time distributor feeds

Real-time Distributor Feeds

When an item runs out of stock from one distributor, the Order Management system shows the proper price based on the secondary or tertiary distributor.

Agile Development

Built-In HelpDesk Support System

Handle issues professionally and quickly by using a ticketing system which will instill confidence in your shoppers and give them better visibility into their open issues.


Secured Transactions

Throughout the Coreware solution, extreme efforts have been made to ensure security. All the industry standard safeguards have been implemented, as well as additional security measures.

Physical and Digital Products

Physical and Digital Products

In addition to online store functionality, inventory management functions are included for an establishment that maintains products on site and needs to track inventory.

Key Features

Fully Customizable

Websites in Coreware can be designed and tailored to look exactly like you would like it to look and work.

Fully Responsive

Websites in CoreWare adapt to run on any device, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Agile Development

Coreware facilitates an agile development approach allowing developers to rapidly customize the platform to fit specific needs.

Distributor Feeds

Dependable and up-to-date distributor feeds.

Enforce MAP Policies

MAP pricing can be set for any item and the markup engine will make sure to adhere to any rules set on MAP priced items.

Add to Cart for Best Price

Encourage more customers to add items to their cart.

Real-Time Updates

Get accurate price and quantity updates at any point in time.

Online Wishlist

Encourage customers to build their online wishlist.

Cart Abandonment Reporting

Reduce cart abandonment and recover sales.

Secure Online Ordering

SSL secure encrypted storefront and merchant interface.

Fraud Protection

Multi-layered identity verification for fraud prevention.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Multitude of options to calculate shipping charges.

Business Intelligence

Generate reports for business-critical information.

Reach More Customers

Integrated third-party email & segmented marketing.

Candy Aisle Marketing

Eye-catching promotions to increase sales.

Help Desk

Full-featured Help Desk ticketing and tracking system.

99.9% Uptime

Stay online and never miss an opportunity.

No Bandwidth Restrictions

Handle high-volume transactions without sacrificing performance.


Monthly Prices

$599 On a Shared Server

Setup and Design Fees


Dedicated Server

Start at $1499 (based on server size required)

Coreware believes in transparent, simple pricing. Our pricing starts at $599 per month. This includes all the features that our Online Software platform offers. We do not charge per transaction fees, or distributor feed fees. The Core100 group of customers will all have access to the same feature set. We will also never sell or give your data to any third party not even in aggregate form unless you instruct us to do that.

Coreware is also committed to providing you the best performing and secure online platform. For this reason we will never put more than 5 customers on our servers.

If you are a successful high volume online retailer, or once you reach a high volume of business, we will set your store up on a dedicated server plan. Dedicated server plans start at $1499 per month.

We offer some additional services that you can take advantage of:

Graphics and Media Services

$200 per month.

Up to 5 custom banners every month, additional banners are available at $50 per banner.

Content Services

$150 per month.

Up to 3 unique blog articles every month additional articles available for $50 per article.

Custom Programming

$125 per hour.

Upfront quotes for each custom programming request.

Email Campaign Services

$500 per month.

Email service which includes 2 email campaigns per month.

Concierge Services

$1000 per month.

Premium Concierge Services

$2500 per month.

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